Cast & Crew

Steven Sims as Himself

Mike Roach as Himself

William Stephens as Gil Blackburn

Dave Brock as Dave

Anna Castelaz as Liz

Kiran Deol as Shauna

Charlie Sears as Chuckles

Clint Ehlers as Zoso

Produced by
Mike Roach
Steven M. Sims
Dylan Stern

Directed by
Dylan Stern

Written by
Mike Roach
Steven M. Sims

Cinematography by
Brad Grimm

Edited by
Dylan Stern
Dennis The

Associate Producers
Jeremy Tague
Matt Tague

Costume Design by
Janice Sims
Diane Grunniger

Vivian Bick

Music by
The Unicorns
Neutral Milk Hotel
Dylan Stern
Jared Craig

Thanks to
Clint Ehlers
90 West Lounge
Ronnies Diner
Chris Toroni
Roger Roth
John Elerick
Myron Santos
Travis DeCola
Mike Bertsch
Michelle Sims
Sarah Cornibe
The Sims Family
Zoso the Bum
Jonah Hill
The Apatow Universe

Filmed on location in Culver City, California.

© 2008