08.14.08Now Available on DVD & Online

In June of 2007 Los Angeles, CA was bombarded with the face of Jonah Hill. Billboards, buses and benches all advertised for what was to be the next Judd Apatow produced phenomenon as the summer of SUPERBAD was upon us.  It was this very time when it was discovered that the face all over town resembled Phalco's own Steven Sims, a writer/director who's good looks never got him anywhere, until now.  Spending many lonely nights at the corner of Venice Blvd. & Overland, Sims would stare at the SUPERBAD billboard, looking deep into the eyes of Jonah Hill.  Weeks later Phalco's newest comedy--DESTROYING JONAH HILL--was born.

Written and produced in July 2007, DESTROYING JONAH HILL premiered this past March at a private screening in Los Angeles, CA.  The film, which was directed by Dylan Stern and written by Mike Roach & Steven Sims, received such a great response that Phalco Films has decided to release it both on DVD and online as a DVD Download.  To download your own copy of DESTROYING JONAH HILL please follow the DVD Download instructions below.  To received a DVD copy of the film please send your name, email and current address to the information below.  Both postcards from your home and email requests are acceptable.

DVD Download:
-- Go to www.destroyingjonahhill.com
-- Click on the DOWNLOADS tab at the top of the page
-- Click on the DESTROYING JONAH HILL - DVD DOWNLOAD icon and your download will begin

**Please be aware that DESTROYING JONAH HILL is an adult comedy based on anger.  Not real anger, just comedic anger.  There are no real intentions of actually 'destroying' Jonah Hill.

06.01.08Destroying Jonah Hill - Official Myspace

Be like all the cool kids and add Destroying Jonah Hill to your top friends!

05.15.08Destroying Jonah Hill - Trailer 1

More popular than Britney's Beaver Shot? You better believe it! The original Destroying Jonah Hill trailer, which premiered last December at the P4S edit house, is now on YouTube and taking your comments. Enjoy Jonah Hill haters bash both Sims & Hill and reminisce on the days when Phalco loved to use the "F".

05.01.08Falco drops the "F"

As of May 1, 2008 Phalco Films has officially decided to drop the "F" and added a much sexier "Ph". We hope you enjoy...