Good afternoon,

My name is Jess Ragni and I am the PR director of Totally Driven Entertainment/Radio. Our show is a live internet show that runs from 8-11pm est on Thursday evenings. We would love to have Mr hill on our show to discuss his past, present and future endeavors as well. If that time doesn't work we can also do a recorded interview to accommodate. Usually what we do do however; is with the live show is we have phone lines open for fans to call in and ask questions as well if Mr hill would be interested in that as well.

We are looking to schedule interviews in the months of December, January and thereafter.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration

Hi Jonah,
My son danny is becoming a Bar Mitzvah on November 9th in Toledo Ohio. He is one of your biggest fans and has seen all of your movies. I am making a video montage for his party and was wondering if you could send a short video congratulations that I could place in it?? This would completely BLOW HIS MIND !!!You are also welcome to come to his party but I am sure you having a busy schedule.
Thank you for time,

Mark Wainstein

Dear Jonah,whaouuuh !!!It's very fantastic,it's a dream !!!!!My name is Rodolphe and I'm a huge french fan of yours. You're the best actor in the world !!!I wanted to tell you how much I like everything you do and I would be really happy if you could send me an autographed picture of you. Thanks so much in advance.
My address ;Mr Morel Rodolphe5,allée des Alisiers45500 Arrabloy

Hi my name is Martin Winiewicz and N.Y.bread&now in lower Alabama,with that if i may.I am real #251-979-2673 and i've had ungodly hardships of hurricane katrina,gulf oil spill,a loss of my home&now watching my mom battle HIV&lung cancer although wouldn't dare compare my hardship to any other soul.I am a husband,father&a son by region&resources failing,so if anyone if not yourself has any ideas for a good deed as work for region,aid,advice please pass on one man's desperation for improvement to anyone whom may entitle help.I thank anyone for time taken to read this&great to you

Yeah I can't for the life of me find that video were jonah hill is on date line on the movie that is too long to write....any ideas?

I've tried to download the DVD a number of times and it just won't go past 95 megs so could you please mail me a copy? Thanks, Collin

Collin Foster
3098 Harbor Heights Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89117

I made a video about Jonah Hill that I think you will like.

BP\\\'s newest plan... The Jonah Hill Solution

Steve Sims is jesus

Hey, Dylan.

I know it's jonny-come-lately, but I'd love to see your short about Jonah Hill and possibly write about it.

Holler back:

Hi there,

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Loved your short film guys! It's difficult to write realistic dialouge idealisticly, but you guys pulled it off to a t! Looking forward to your next project.

p.s. mac n me was much better in my opinion, the dancing in mcdonalds, classic!

Attn: Steve, Roach and Dylan,

Gentlemen - GREAT concept and solid execution. I wanted to see more as in a series of episodes.

Nice to meet you both tonight.

Take care,

James J.

It's a lot easier to drop an "F" when you don't use anemia as an excuse.

whats is this?

How and when can I see the whole movie?? I loved the trailer...Jonah Hill was on Saturday night live the other night and I couldn't keep my eyes off of him...I swear it was you!

ummm u look just like him... I just watched the movie again last night..where did u buy the exact shirt...wierdo!!

Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Great trailer!!

Well played sirs

I am in love with the trailor! :-)

that motherfucker looks like his twin, he should be happy tho he'll probably get some pussy if he says hes jonah hill-Superbad bitches!

i fucking love mac and me!

hahahaha this made me chuckle!

I liked Mac and Me more than E.T.

When I saw the title.. I got so happy... then I saw the movie... and now I'm so sad.... I didn't see Jonah Hill destroyed. I saw him cloned... now there's 2 Jonah Hills..... yay.. why don't ya start up a little village of the fat unfunny damned....or 20 somethings that play chubby children of the corn...I hate you so much for tricking me that I think I might cut off my own toe... because that would hurt less..... wow... great film.. maybe next time you could just kick me in the balls

Wow, this actually looks pretty good!

LOL yea he could. or they could do a movie together. can you say buddy comedy?!?!?

hahahA he can get a job as jonah hills body double if he ever becomes a action star lol

i hope jonah sees this

I can't believe I just heard a Mac and Me reference!

was that spenny? lol


This flick rocks my bussiness socks!